Hotel Management


As the Hospitality Industry is expanding globally and is poised to become the largest industry in the next 10 years, the demand for hotels would increase and therefore, the demand for skilled hospitality professionals will increase with every passing year. Supplying the industry with high- caliber specialists will become top- priority.

On analyzing this, Shree Shivashakti Gurukul Vidhyalaya has decided to start a 6 months Crash Course of Hotel Management. The main intension behind starting a crash course is to make it very easy for the students who are willing to make their career in Hotel Management . It is designed in such a way that even those who are not strong in their financial status or for those who would not want to spend 3 years in completing the Hotel Management Course and make their career.

The Crash Course is made flexible to everyone with a nominal fee. The student would receive all most all theoretical & practical subjects which are covered in 3 years degree in Hotel Managements.

Our Aim is to qualify and polish student to a tremendous platform where they would achieve great success in reaching their goal in Hospitality Industry. Within the span of 6 months the students would not only gain knowledge from the books, but also enhance the Practical Experience by our Excellent Faculty. We have also taken the responsibility to help them to find proper & best placements in various cities.

The course would Also cover Spoken English, Voice & Ascent, Personality & Communication Development. We have categorized in choosing most important platforms which is Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage Production.

Once the students complete this course they would be able to make the best career in Hospitality.


The Courses will help the students in getting latest knowledge and exposure of the hotel industry where ample opportunities can be trapped in, for employment purposes.
These Programs have been designed keeping in view the requirements of the Indian overseas Hospitality Industry.
Along with theory classes hand- on training will be provided in the Hotel Operation areas.
The Students will have the advantage of joint certification and recognition from the National Institute Open Schooling and Indian Tourism Development Corporation, which will empower them to take challenging assignments.


Dear Students,
You are at the crossroad of making the most crucial decision of your life. Choosing of a career, I recommend Hospitality/ Hotel Industry as it is today the fastest growing market in our country. I take this opportunity to introduce to you our six months course in hotel Management which would enable you to make the best career.

Body Language manners 7 Etiquette
Manners & Etiquette
Voice & Ascent
Spoken English
Personality Development
Introduction to CCG & types Hotels
Receiving & Sitting Guests
Art of order taking
Art of service
Types of service
Authentic way of attending Guests
Day to Day work check list
Art of table setting & types of setting
Basic & General knowledge about hotels
Attending to complaints
Setting skills for better growth of Hotel Industry.