About Us

Shree Shivashakti Gurukul Vidhyalaya was established in 2002. The aim of this institution is to provide pre recruitment coaching for entry into defence for students, along with intermediate/ Degree courses and to provide intensive long term coaching to aspiring students.Within a short time it has enabled many students to secure jobs even before completing intermediate/Degree/Long term courses. Students who are aspiring for a career in Defence sector should take decision at school level itself. Those who get jobs at intermediate/ Degree level can make their lives and their parent’s life comfortable. Adequate military training, teaching and co-curricular activities are provided equally to every cadet in addition to their academic classes. Our aim is to prepare them to be physically fit and mentally robust. As a result, the cadets attain high standard of personality development and Intelligence Quotient (IQ) for achieving cent percent results up to the level of expectations.


On behalf of all staff and professors of this esteemed organization, I welcome all the cadets who wish to enroll in this academy. The role of our academy is not only pursue academic excellence, but to motivate each students to be lifelong learner, good thinker and productive member of ever changing society.

Mere education which cannot earn livelyhood is creating unemployment. We at ‘Shree Shivashakti Gurukul Vidyalaya Association’ impart training for students to help them to get employed through our vocational training which includes Quantitative, Qualitative, Aptitude and Personality development programs. There are lot of Institution to teach, but we the ‘Shree Shivashakti Gurukul Vidyalaya Association’ is arranging vocational training along with teaching. We maintain high standard of discipline, character, moral value and physical fitness of cadets with a view to built up their career. “We make a masterpiece out of raw mud”.

I wish All the Best to all the cadets and I am sure, you and your parents must feel proud on your achievement.


The aim of this Gurukul is to prepare cadets for the competitive exams of all Defence Forces. Physical training is also given to cadets, imparted by the well trained instructor staff including coaching classes on academic subjects is also taught by our experienced professors. This not only builds up the physical standards but also the mental caliber of the students which is utmost important for becoming an Officer, Doctor or Engineer in the armed forces or in the civil services sector.


Our vision is to study personal performance and activities of newly inducted candidates before they are put through an array of training exercises. We monitor them to assess and ascertain the capabilities/ qualities that virtually develops the young mind of students with a view to explore the possibility of positive attitude in them. In fact, it gradually helps them to prepare themselves for various competitive exams in order to reach the highest peak in life.


Our mission works to built up the future career of young students in a constructive manner of creativity to achieve the impending career aspects as under:-
1) Group discussion /debate helps the students to acquire the deserving qualities of leadership which needs through preparation. It also demands physical stamina, mental alertness and resilience of spirit.
2) The impact of systematic study including theoretical/ practical coaching, training and extracurricular activities helps the students to widen their outlook and intellectual power.